"Moving toward using lead-free fishing tackle" -

"Average Canadian anglers can lose 11-15 jigs & sinkers annually, adding 460 tonnes of lead to our waterways every year!"

Our jigs are made in canada with non-toxic bismuth and tin.


Why Lead-Free?

Making the shift to a better future; each of us make a difference. 

Conventional lures, jigs, and weights are made from lead. But lead is TOXIC! 

Exposure to lead can cause cancer and other serious health problems. "Exposure to lead and lead compounds may increase cancer risk... Lead can cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. ... Exposure to lead can harm the reproductive system of men and women."  (

 Choose to make a difference! Choose Kinger Fishing lead-free lures for your next fishing adventure.

 Reduce lead exposure for yourself and the environment.  

 "Get the lead OUT!"

...And get some bismuth in your tackle box! 


 Handmade on Cortes Island, BC, Canada


Fish Responsibly: Protect All Aquatic Species

At Kinger Fishing, we strongly encourage the use of barbless hooks to reduce harm to all species we might hook, and not retain, especially incidental bi-catch. Never touch the gills of a fish you do not plan on keeping use care when removing hooks and be quick to get the fish in the water or do not take it out at all if possible. Choose barbless hooks when ordering your lures. Or, use vice grips to manually pinch the existing barb down as we do. We respect the environment and our catch and are very thankful for every time we lay eyes on a fish. Please do your part to keep trash out of the ocean, pick up any garbage or old gear and recycle / dispose of it properly THANK YOU <3

 "Get the lead OUT"! 


We Have The Jigs You Need

 Kinger lures come in several shapes,  colours, and sizes, to allow you to chose from a variety of fishing conditions and target species. 

Our anchovy is our flagship model; they come in 10 sizes: extra small 1/4 oz up to our biggest jig to date the 7oz anchovy. The anchovy's design successfully imitates the fluttering of a wounded baitfish. Tie your line to the tail (backwards) for a different presentation/action. Also try the "pre bent" anchovy for "a slower flashier drop & amazing roll when slow trolled".

Check our online store for available sizes and colours. 

   New products added regularly!